Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sardines, Anyone?

Why do so few people eat canned sardines? Almost no one I know does, and in fact, many screw up their faces at the thought. Yet sardines are inexpensive, tasty, and extremely nutritious. They are just loaded with B vitamins, omega-3 oils, and calcium. A NY Times article quoted one nutritionist, who said that sardines were "health food in a can." Everyone  seems to be gobbling down kale and salmon these days, so why not sardines?

I think one of the problems is that they look like small beheaded fish, which they are, while other forms of fish are more aesthetically pleasing.

I grew up eating sardines, so perhaps that's why I don't turn up my nose at them. I usually have a few cans on hand. My preference is for those packed in olive oil or mustard. These fish tend to be somewhat oily, so I usually pair them with something crunchy, such as toast or crispbread (Ryvita and Wasa are favorites). I smear the bread with a dab of mayonnaise, lay down a few sardines, mash them with a fork to make them stick, then add something to cut the oily taste, such as chopped raw onion and a slice of raw tomato. Some need a bit of salt as well.

Go ahead.Try some. Don't be afraid of a little fish.

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  1. yes Liz, I regularly indulge . . . a great lunch or paired with a avocado salad for a simple dinner. Glad you wrote about this under-rated treat.