Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Luscious Lemons

During the winter, the fruits that I enjoy most often are the citrus fruits. I cannot eat grapefruit, because it interacts with my chemotherapy, but I can eat all the other types. I  probably use lemons the most often. (It doesn't hurt that they are so pretty to look at.)

I have already written about lemonade, which is my summertime staple, but during the winter I am more likely to use lemon either as an additive to cooked fish, or as a major flavoring for favorite dishes. One such favorite--admittedly eaten infrequently--is hollandaise sauce. I have never found a good substitute for it. An essential ingredient in Eggs Benedict, it also adds distinction to most green vegetables, but especially asparagus, broccoli, and spinach. Although some people create it in a double-boiler, I've always been partial to the blender method.

For quick light meals and satisfying snacks, I often reach for hummus and tabbouleh.  They are staples in my refrigerator. Both contain a definite lemon flavor when they are good. In the winter, I buy these already prepared, but in summer I make my own.

One of my favorite uses for lemons is in desserts. My favorite desserts contain lemon flavor: lemon squares, lemon pudding cake, lemon chess pie, and lemon sherbet. The one place I don't use lemon is in my tea. There I prefer milk. Go figure!

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