Friday, April 20, 2012

Rushing the Season

We have had a few warm days lately, and  I'm all ready for summer food. In fact, I probably rushed the season a little bit, making a dinner of grilled chicken, potato salad, and tossed green salad. But I was ready to revisit  my summertime favorites.

Years ago, a friend with central air-conditioning mentioned that she loved central air because she didn't have to change either her clothes or her menu every season. Not me. I love making that change. I have my own ideas about what constitutes a good warm-weather meal and what constitutes a good cold-weather meal.At the change of the seasons, I look forward to having foods that I have not tasted in months.

Winter finds me brewing cauldrons of soup, simmering stews, and stuffing baked potatoes. I drink pots of tea and eat hearty Irish oatmeal. Summer finds me chilling gazpacho, making corn relish, and combining ingredients for main-dish salads. I drink pitchers of lemonade and eat cottage cheese with fruit. I guess this is my own way of celebrating the edible gifts that each season brings.

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